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Strange Emails and Amazon

2017-01-11 18:24:22

Funny thing happened to us recently.

We started getting these strange emails a couple of days ago. The messages read like "What's the condition of the printer?", asking about products we have no affiliations with.

We didn't think too much of it at first, but we kept getting a trickle of these emails.

But then today, we got an email saying "You may not sell our products on Amazon without authorization!" from a DJ lighting equipment company.

Huh? Amazon? DJ? We don't sell on Amazon (more on this later) and we definitely don't sell DJ equipment. Is there even a tube DJ gear?

This got us curious, so we put on our Sherlock Holmes cap, sat in front of a computer, then went investigating out in the vast expanse of the Internet.

First thing we found was that these emails were actually text messages. They were forwarded to our email address by our VOIP service.

"Aha! A clue!", exclaimed the geek with a funny cap.

People were texting our phone number. But why?

Long story short, after some more scouring on the internet, we find the likely culprit. There is a seller on Amazon asking people to send him text messages for condition of the used products he sells.

And his phone number is off by just 1 digit from our phone number.

So people who are shopping on Amazon sees these descriptions, and they try to text the seller. But a few (and quite a few) people are fat-fingering the phone number.

And that's how these mysterious messages started landing in our inbox....!