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Tubes For Amps go Live

2015-04-23 00:15:35

Knowing When

Well, we have been running around trying to get everything ready.

Software wise, we found a couple of bugs in the order processing workflow. And there's the layout and design. I am never happy with the design, and I keep twiddling little things here and there.

I can keep going on just tweaking the design.

What Matters

If you are programmer, I have to tell you a secret. None of that really matters. If you are semi-decent programmer, you did at least a semi-decent job and bugs we find at this stage are small, and easy to fix.

What matters now is the people who will be using it. The customers who visit the site, and the people who run the operation.

To speak to the latter, Mari who runs the store, got a walk through of the system. It was like a final inspection, an acceptance test, so to speak.

And I'm happy to report it went over fairly well. Well, to be honest, response was lukewarm. But this is understandable. Change is never embraced openly in these situations, so lukewarm is the equivalent of a reception full of confetti and cheerleaders. At least that's how I am going to treat it.

And Here It Is

So after several walk throughs, some heated discussion, and further tweaking of little pieces, we decided to go live. We are lifting the announcement page, and going full steam ahead.

We just went live....!