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12AU7 / ECC82

12AU7 tube is a medium gain dual triode.

Due to the combination of low grid-plate capacitance and medium gain, 12AU7 is well suited for use in audio voltage amplifier with an extended frequency range.

ECC82 is the European numbering for the 12AU7 tube. ECC82 and 12AU7 are the same tubes.

12AU7 was very popular, and many variations were produced. We stock these 12AU7 variants for those who are looking to try something different in place of 12AU7 tubes.

The 5814A tube is a military and industrial grade 12AU7 with low noise and high-reliability spec. The 5814A tubes were used in communications equipment, and are designed for long life and low microphonics.

5963 is a 12AU7 with long-life cathode meant for use in vacuum tube computers.