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Genalex 12AX7 Gold Lion Matched Pair

Genalex ECC83/B759 is the ultimate 12AX7 in production today. The tube features a heavy low microphonic glass bottle, a tightly assembled small plate design, and beautiful gold-plated pins.

These tubes are known for their clarity, warmth, and sound quality that ensure flawless operation of any tube equipment, vintage or modern.

The tubes in matched pairs are meticulously hand-selected by us. The gain, transconductance, and other vital parameters are closely matched for the pair, ensuring that they perform consistently and provide a balanced sound.

Genalex ECC83/B759 is also built with high-quality materials and construction, making them durable and long-lasting. The tube is a drop-in replacement for 12AX7, 7025, or ECC83.

The original Genalex (Marconi-Osram) was an English company that made ultra-high-quality tubes for audio use. ECC83 is the European code for 12AX7. B759 was a product code for a rare ultra-low-noise 12AX7 with balanced triodes. Current production Genalex ECC83/B759, with its low noise and quality construction, is a worthy tribute to the original ECC83/B759.

If you want to upgrade your audio equipment's sound, the Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7 is the ultimate 12AX7 tube of choice. Genalex ECC83/B759 ensures that your audio equipment will sound its best.


Manufacturer Genalex
Configuration Matched Pair
Package Includes
  • 2 x Genalex 12AX7 Gold Lion