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Mullard EL34 Matched Quad

Mullard EL34 is a modern EL34 produced in Russia. Mullard EL34 has smooth, warm mids that is the hallmark of EL34 tone, and then some.

In a EL34 guitar amp, Mullard EL34 provides balanced clean tone and textured crunch. When pushed, Mullard EL34 delivers smooth creamy overdrive.

In HiFi EL34 amps, Mullard EL34 is all about velvet-like mids. Mullard EL34 also tames the high well on bright or sibilant recordings. Mullard EL34 has the extra touch that enhances analog mastered recordings.

The price is for a quad (4 matched tubes).


Manufacturer Mullard
Configuration Matched Quad
Package Includes
  • 4 x Mullard EL34