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Svetlana EL34 Matched Pair

Svetlana EL34 power tube is a superb power pentode that is a drop-in replacement for any EL34-type tube.

Svetlana EL34 has a very focused mid-range in guitar amps and produces the signature crunch tone that is perfect for rhythm work. The bottom end is well controlled, and when pushed, the Svetlana EL34 tube produces a bright smooth lead tone that cuts through the mix. Svetlana EL34 is one of the best power tubes for a classic rock sound.

In audiophile application, Svetlana EL34 has a smooth, velvet-like mid tone that reproduces horns and female vocals with a luscious texture. It is the perfect power tube for Jazz and Classical music.

Price is for a matched pair.

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Manufacturer Svetlana
Configuration Matched Pair
Package Includes
  • 2 x Svetlana EL34