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EL84 / 6BQ5 / SV83

EL84 / 6BQ5 Tubes

EL84 is a power tube in a 9 pin glass bottle. 6BQ5 is American designation for the same tube. EL84 guitar amps often have a pleasant chime that defined the classic British rock sound. While the chime is the common signature for EL84 sound, the overall tone can vary quite a bit for different makes of EL84.

Replace EL84 Often

EL84 is a small tube and has a higher heat concentration. This makes it wear out faster than other output tubes. It is best to re-tube EL84 often for best results.


In classic audio amps, heavy duty version designated 7189 was often used. Sovtek EL84M is the only tube we recommend for replacing 7189. We also carry EL86, SV83 and 6n15n tubes which are close relatives of EL84. These tubes are popular for DIY and Head-Fi uses, but they are not directly compatible with EL84.