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Fender® Super 112 Tube Set

Tube Set for Fender® Super 112.

Super 112 combo amp with red knobs uses the same tube set as the Super 60 and Super 210.

We have come across customers who love their Super 60/112/120. These amps are not very expensive for a vintage amp, so it is a great amp to get it into if you come across an excellent sounding unit.

Although Super 112 is not the most straightforward amp to mod, it responds well to mods and customization.

We find the Super 60/112/120 to have a great clean tone, and take pedals well. Our tube set will let you maintain the headroom in Super 112, and you can switch to distortion with the pedal of your choice.


Applicable Amp Brand Fender
Applicable Amp Fender® Super 112
Package Includes
  • 1 x TungSol 6L6GCSTR Matched Pair
  • 1 x TungSol 12AT7
  • 2 x TungSol 12AX7