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6N3P Equivalent Tubes

6N3P is found on many smaller tube amps today. It's a great little triode tube, but it's not well known there is a several excellent 6N3P equivalent tubes that allows for tube rolling opportunity.

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Origin of 6N3P

6N3P designation came from now-defunct USSR. It was 6H3П in Cyrillic. When us Westerners saw the Cyrillic letters on the tubes, they looked like 6N3P - so we called it 6N3P.

Chinese military licensed (copied?) 6N3P from the Soviets, but Chinese also couldn't quite deal with Cyrillic. So the Chinese tube manufacturers designated the tube 6N3P. Today, you see Chinese made 6N3P tubes on many tube amps from China today.

2C51 and 5670 Tubes

Although 6N3P designation came from Russia, Russian 6N3P was actually a copy (a very good one at that) of US double triode tube 5670.

5670 was the high reliability version of 2C51 tube. 2C51 / 5670 tubes are compact, low noise, versatile, and saw very wide use. Western Electric also made WE396A which was a direct drop-in replacement for communication applications.

Russian 6N3P

Russians made tubes in different grades, and 6N3P was no different. There are 6N3P, 6N3P-E, 6N3P-EB and 6N3P-DR variants that went from standard to high reliability, to extreme durability.

6N3P were produced at several Soviet tube factories - Reflektor JSC in Saratov Russia, Voskhod JSC in Kaluga, Russia, and mysterious Oktjbr' factory in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

Tube Rolling 6N3P

All of the 2C51 / 5670 and descendants are drop-in compatible despite having very different names. While some variants are in more demand and priced higher accordingly, they are good sounding tubes with characters of their own.

If you are wanting to try some tube rolling with your 6N3P amp, take a look around our 6N3P / 2C51 / 5670 page. We stock many variants in various price ranges to match your needs.