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Best 6DJ8 Tube Review

About 6DJ8 / 6922 Tubes

6DJ8 tube was designed as a broad band RF amplifier tube for communication equipments and TV sets. 6DJ8 has high conductance which also makes it an excellent tube in audio amplifier. Due to high conductance requirements, 6DJ8/6922 type tubes require special construction (called 'frame grid').

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6DJ8 and Microphonic Noise

As is often the case for high conductance tubes, 6DJ8 tends to be prone to microphony. Microphony is where tube modulates the electric signal with mechanical vibration. Within 6DJ8, electrodes are physically very close together to achieve higher conductance. This causes vibrations to be picked up much easier, making 6DJ8 more prone to microphonic noise. This applies to many NOS 6DJ8 types as well as current production 6DJ8 types.

Low Noise 6DJ8

Microphonic noise matters mostly with high gain application. It is not a problem for low-gain buffer application such as CD Players and line stages. If you are using 6DJ8 in such low gain application, feel free to use any type. For high gain use such as phono or mic pre-amp, it is best to choose the right 6DJ8 to keep microphonics under control.

6DJ8 family of tubes

6DJ8 was a popular tube, and several variations exist. We stock the following types.

6922 Tube

High reliability version of 6DJ8 with slightly higher power rating. 6922 is plug-in compatible with 6DJ8/ECC88 in most audio gear. E88CC is the European numbering for 6922.

ECC88 Tube

European numbering for 6DJ8. 6DJ8 and ECC88 are drop-in compatible.

6N23P Tube

Russian copy of 6922. The 6N23P has gained a lot of popularity amongst audiophiles, with Voskhod made versions being the most in demand.

PCC88 / 7DJ8 Tubes

6DJ8 with slightly different filament. NOS 7DJ8 / PCC88 are real bargain since they have the exact same internals a 6DJ8 / ECC88 except for the filament. In most cases 7DJ8 / PCC88 are drop-in replacement for 6DJ8 / ECC88.

6N1P Tube

Similar to 6DJ8 and noted for being very linear. It can sub for 6DJ8, but check with your manufacturer first. 6N1P is sold under different brands, but they are all made by Voskhod factory in Russia with the Flying Rocket logo.

Best 6DJ8 Application

  • In high gain application like phono or preamp, microphonics and noise is critical. Gold Lion E88CC / 6922, Electro-Harmonix 6922EH Gold, and Electro-Harmonix 6922EH are all low noise and very low microphonic. These tubes are highly recommended for any critical listening application.
  • For line stage and CD Player application where gain is low, any of the current production 6DJ8 / 6922, as well as NOS 6DJ8 / 6922 / PCC88 tubes will work well.